Teacher Features

Save Time. Teach More.

Online Encoding Of Grades

Go paperless with your grade sheets. Make student grades viewable by your students and their parents.

Grade Auto Computation

Let Serapina automatically compute grades based on school's standard grading system.

Online Attendance Checking

Check the attendance of your class using Serapina and it will notify their parents via SMS or email.

Online Lessons

Create lessons using Serapina and make them available to your students anytime, anywhere.

Online Discussions

Be social and respond to the questions of your students online.

Class Files Central Storage

Organize the files of your class in a single repository for easy reference.

Test Builder

Create tests using the drag-and-drop interface of Serapina.

Instant Test Results

Let Serapina do the checking of your students' tests. All you need to do is a single click.

Auto Recording Test Scores

Automatically record the test scores of your students. In just one click, all test scores will go to your grade sheet.

Class News Feed & Notifications

Post announcements and notify students in a social-media-like style.


Communicate with your students and their parents in a single platform.

Online DTR Submission

Log your time daily and Serapina will come up with your Daily Time Record (DTR) which can be sent automatically.