Student Features

Be an awesome student

Online Enrollment

Enlist yourself online, choose your subjects and most importantly, keep away from long lines of enrollment.

Online Monitoring Of Grades

Be updated with your class performance evaluations and view them online.

Online Monitoring Of Attendance

Receive notifications via SMS or email as your teacher marks your class attendance.

Online Tests With Instant Results

Take online tests of your teachers and know your score instantly.

Online Access To Lessons

Access the lesssons of your teachers anytime, anywhere. Download them for future reference.

Note Taking

Tired of writing by hand. Start taking notes using your keyboard.

Class News Feed & Notifications

Receive school and class announcements in a social-media-like style.


Communicate with your teacher and classmates in a single platform.

Time Table

Manage your time as a student and never be late in your classes.

Statement Of Account

Keep track of your school fees, outstanding balances and payment trails.