Admin Features

Manage your school seamlessly

Online Admission & Enrollment

Accept online applications and enlistments. Approve them in just few clicks.

Course/Curriculum Management

Manage and track the curricula of your students easily.

Auto Subject Advising

Let Serapina suggest the subjects to be taken by a student based on his/her curriculum.

Room Slot Management

Manage the availability of your class rooms while Serapina takes care of room assignment suggestions.

Automatic Class Scheduling

Serapina is smart enough to suggest you non-conflicting class schedules.

Load Management

Let Serapina automatically suggest optimal load assignments.

School News Feed & Notifications

Post announcements and notify your staff, students and their parents in a social-media-like style.


Communicate with your staff, students and their parents in a single platform.

School Events

Let your staff, students and their parents see your school calendar and events online.

College and Department Management

Organize your institution for easy tracking of school records.

School Fees Management & Collection

Track the account recievables and payment trails of your students.

Grading System Standardization

Manage and standardize the grading system in your school.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor the enrollment and sales stats of your school in real-time.

Report Generation

Generate bulk reports in just few clicks. Issue standard forms to your students, to CHED, or to DepEd.

Required Documents Storage

Serapina lets you store the documents of your students in an organized manner.